oneSAFE™ Vinyl

Made from virgin PVC resin for a soft, supple and semi-elastic feel, our vinyl gloves provide exceptional protection.

onesafe vinyl

oneSAFE™ Nitrile

Preserving the best characteristics of latex, our nitrile gloves are an all-purpose, foodservice-grade product offering exceptional comfort and durability.

onesafe nitrile

oneSAFE™ Dispensers

Single wall, triple wall and table top dispensers available.

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[one-fourth][numerical_container ][numerical_item percent=”48″ unit=”” value_font_size=”55px” unit_font_size=”” align=”center” jump=”10″] million+ people become sick from foodborne diseases. [/numerical_item][/numerical_container][/one-fourth]
[one-fourth][numerical_container ][numerical_item percent=”128″ unit=”” value_font_size=”55px” unit_font_size=”” align=”center” jump=”10″] thousand+ people are hospitalized each year from foodborne diseases. [/numerical_item][/numerical_container][/one-fourth]
[one-fourth][numerical_container ][numerical_item percent=”3″ unit=”” value_font_size=”55px” unit_font_size=”” align=”center” jump=”25″] thousand+ people die each year from foodborne diseases. [/numerical_item][/numerical_container][/one-fourth]
[one-fourth][numerical_container ][numerical_item percent=”12″ unit=”” value_font_size=”55px” unit_font_size=”” align=”center” jump=”1″] percent of food workers said they worked while suffering vomiting or diarrhea two or more shifts in the previous year. [/numerical_item][/numerical_container][/one-fourth] [/columns_container]





Experience Our Gloves For Yourself.

Available in a variety of materials, sizes and quantities, we have foodservice grade gloves fit for your operation. Give a pair a test run and discover the FoodHandler difference for yourself. Complete the form to receive free samples now.


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